BTC News & Price




Product design, Prototyping/animation


The scope of this project was to create a dedicated Bitcoin news & price application. It's designed to fit the needs of passionate Bitcoin users looking for a beautiful mobile experience. Further, this was a self-exercise in prototyping and animation. 


My process included initial ideation around this concept. I spent a great deal of time researching existing solutions in the market and emulating core features I found useful. I wanted a streamlined experience that focused on serving rich content related to Bitcoin news. Once I had the initial feature list, I created a top-level UX flow. From there, I sketched out each individual state in the application. And finally, I iterated and prototyped core flows using high-fidelity mocks.



The news feed features a beautiful parallax scrolling animation. You're able to get a rich and visual overview for latest news articles. Headlines are bold, featuring modern typographic treatment throughout. You can narrow down your source selection and the sorting mechanism from the top tab. Once you dive into an article, it continues the theme of a bold and visual way to consume content. Articles incorporate fluid scrolling effects and large cover photos. All text is modified from the original source to create a seamless and integrated experience.



The graph tab gives you a live view into the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Here you can view price information for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other assortment of cryptocurrencies. It features a fluid graph animation that showcases price trends over a selected time period. You can also set a price alert for your cryptocurrency of choice using natural language and predetermined filters. Further, you can modify the theme color for the graph view. This is a fun way to customize your experience. 



The scope of this project was to design a dedicated experience around finding the latest information about Bitcoin. In order to accomplish this I narrowed the focus to exclusively news and price information. I set to craft a beautiful, modern experience incorporating bold and sophisticated typographic treatment. However, there are many areas for improvement. Looking forward, some of the things I'd love to explore more would be:

– More extensive user testing. Getting this app in the hands of actual Bitcoin users and gauging feedback would allow me to iterate and create more thoughtful design decisions.

– More customizable experiences. Playing with the notion of allowing users to customize their experience interests me. A news app that learns over time your trusted sources, or learns to update you periodically regarding price information has a lot of potential. 

Would love to hear further feedback and suggestions. Feel free to drop me a line. Thanks for viewing  🙂